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  • servicesManagement
    Supply sanitary industrial equipment and stainless steel piping, fittings and accessories to various industries.
  • Engineering
    Perform engineering review of existing bid packages and manage adaptation to meet Chinese code and readily available materials, thus achieving significant savings.
  • Quality
    Suppliers' qualification and production management (auditing, contracts, schedule, quality) – As per clients' request, we can perform ongoing suppliers auditing.
  • WFOE
    If there is a need for your company's presence in China, it is recommended to establish a WFOE (Wholly foreign-owned enterprise) to take full advantage of tax BENEFITS.
  • Shipping
    We have shipped loads of containers and are very familiar with the "Chinese way of doing business". We offer logistics, insurance and freight services to and from China to the rest of the world.
  • Translation
    Technical and commercial translation Hebrew/English/German/Chinese.
  • Import/Export
    Import/Export services from/to China, USA, Germany & Europe.