• Medium size company specializing in design, production and validation of pharmaceutical sanitary water systems, in full compliance to European and American Pharmacopoeia. High Fine is the leading supplier to Chinese market and is developing its international markets.
      1. RO+EDI systems
      2. Multi-effect water distiller (S/F/B series)
      3. Clean steam generators
      4. PW&WFI Storage and distribution system
      5. CIP In-line cleaning system skids (mobile/stationary)
      6. Biological products and preparation vessel
      7. Fermentation tank system
  • High Fine was established in 1992, we have the pleasure of working together with High Fine since 2014
  • Conveniently situated in the heart of China, just 120 km N of Shanghai
  • High Fine has 172 employees with a strong technical know-how and skilled work force, sophisticated production plant 30,000m2 and modern inspection equipment, excellent quality control system and excellent after sale service with "Zero Worry" service plan.
  • Certificate of approval ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
  • In house design capabilities to highest codes with compliance to European and American Pharmacopoeia
  • High Fine will provide validation documentation including DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ/FAT/SAT and will arrive to client's site for startup and training.
  • High Fine is capable of performing various testing: penetrating liquid, X rays, ultrasonic and water pressure
  • “ASME U” certified as a manufacturer of pressure vessel
  • For more information visit www.fdawater.com
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